The Publishing Journey Begins

This morning I sent the final manuscript for my book Islands of Deception to the publisher. After three years of writing and editing, it’s exciting to start the self-publishing journey.

It’s a strange feeling to end the editing process after making so many revisions to the lives of the characters, their interactions with each other, and the situations they faced. The lives of these fictional characters in this book can no longer be changed. Their story is now part of their history, their past.

However, the future of these characters has yet to be written. Even though their past will still be set in type, the trajectory of their future can still be edited, revised, and altered. There is always the possibility of a sequel, a chance for a fresh start, a new hope.

Seems like there is a lesson for life in there somewhere.

2 responses to “The Publishing Journey Begins”

  1. This is so true. There is always an element of sadness stepping away from a character that you feel like you know so intimately, even a fictional one.

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    1. Well said. It’s hard to think I can’t influence these characters any more. Their past is set and it can’t change once the story is typeset.


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