Words That Right

Writing. It is a puzzle of sorts, a process of selecting and organizing words to communicate a message. Perhaps we think of writing more along the lines of something a writer does like writing a novel, short story or poem. Yet it is also an everyday thing we all do.

We all put words together to communicate with each other whether spoken or written. Our words may tell others of an experience, our history, our emotions. Millions of words flow and back and forth each day across the planet. Words. Some spoken in grand halls to the masses, others in quiet places between two people.

Sometimes I think it is the words communicated one-to-one in secluded and forgotten places in the world that have the most impact. These words between individuals have the ability to build someone up or tear them down. These words can strengthen bonds between people or cause division. These words may not form great novels, but they help create the narrative of someone’s life.

We are all writers in some way with the ability to shape a story. Take some time today to write some encouraging words and send them off to someone you know who needs to read them. Surprise someone with uplifting words in a call or text. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Make excessive use of “thank you.” Take time for conversations that deepen relationships.

Words. Use them today to right someone’s story.

2 responses to “Words That Right”

  1. Chris, thank you for sharing these encouraging words.

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